23 avril 2011

An other great time in Switzerland

I just spent two great weeks around magic wood/brione with my friends there. It was at the beginning a "come back trip" after some breaks and so few climbing since september. I expected to be really weak but it turned out that I was still able to climb hard despite of the lack of practice.

Since september I started studying and had to kind of adapt my climbing according to my coarse schedule which was sometimes annoying also it was hard to me to train because of the lack of motivation on plastic, the gym I climb in is really not crowded and I often climb alone so not having a training partner if really hard if you want to stay motivated... I think I must've climbed an average of 1-2 times a week which is so few but on the bright side I can count on my body which has the positive aspect of not loosing strength too fast so I'm really happy I could nevertheless send my longtime project Steppenwolf and make a quick ascent of Riverbed.

It felt really cool to boulder 8b again as I thought that was not possible anymore so I feel like with some training and maybe loose some weight I could reach a new level and I'm really motivated to do so.

I also had the opportunity to climb with stronger ( a lot ) climbers than me and that is really motivating I'd forgotten how it felt to work something way above your level and I'm really happy that happened. I know have a life project :)

I also saw a new line that daniel woods was working on and it is really THE LINE for me, like my dream line I was so sad I was too week to try it but i'll train for it and come back this summer with just that line in my mind.
I feel like it's the most pure and esthetic line in the woods and also the closest to my style although I don't have what it takes to climb it but I will work hard to get that power :).

I really enjoyed that trip, my friends and I had really good moments and that's the most important before everything. The matter is not how hard you climb and how many lines you can nab but the moments you have with other people. I think if magic is by far my favorite place to go to that's not only because of the climbing that is awesome but because everytime I'm given the chance to meet great people and enjoy time there around the fireand it is really lame that brione or chironico don't have a camping like the Bodhi camping.

I will add some photos and videos later when I have them :)

Thanks to Thomas for the camping place and all the people in the woods !

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  1. Gregory Guillot4 mai 2011 à 11:18

    Well done Oli! Keep up the good work. You'll win through adversity :D. You're welcome over here in the fabulous Andalusia. See ya man. GG