5 décembre 2011

Belgian Championship this saturday.

Just a little post to let people now that takes place on this saturday the Belgian bouldering championship.
It is the first time I compete for the title after many years of bouldering. I've basically always skipped the comps finding them boring especially because they always start early and I am definitely not a morning climber...
So this year I decided to attend as many comp as I can and for now it's been going on pretty well winning most of those I've attended. I must say that the Piatra open and the Peter Belien memorial I won were kind of sweet as I did win some cash :)

Me having fun in the second stage of qualifications.

Anyway this saturday will see 9 climbers who qualified fight each other for the title.

Nicolas Mathieu
Raphael Fernandez
Jurgen Lis
Jerome deboeck
Marius Oniga
Nicolas Farcy
Tanguy Vandermeersch
And Me

It is going to be a 4problems comp, 5minutes per person in each. I really hope the route setters will make a good work by opening not too easy problems like it happened last event where all the problems were like 7a-7a+ so you had to onsight all of them to win...
This year, we have trained, I don't know for the other but Nico, Raph and I trained for this comp and we want to make a good show and we are strong enough to climb in harder problems so let's hope the route setters will open non morphological problems and not too easy ones.
Anyway I look forward to it and really hope I will be able to climb well, thus hoping there will not be any hard mantles which I really suck at :(

So this week, I will try to prepare well for the comp, something I never really did as I always taken comps as games, meaning not especially sleeping a lot before or eating well...
But this time although I feel strong, there are people who can win ahead of me so if I want to win this one I will have to do so...
So here is the goal for this week

-Bed time on 22H30 max ( 22h optimal )
-Eating soup at dinner to loose extras kilos I've got on
-drink a lot of water ( 2,5-3l a day )

We shall see saturday if it pays off :)

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