10 avril 2012

New project !!

It's been a while since my last post... I've been taking things slow for the past couple of months, I must say I've lost the shape due to many reasons, especially my weight ( took 3kgs ) :p

I have been twice in font the last two week-ends and it's always a pleasure to climb on sandstone.
The shape was not there but it doesn't matter, it was not my goal to perform as I enjoyed doing other stuff.

Now I feel like it is time to prepare myself for the summer so I thought that finding a really hard project would be a good thing. I found one in font that is really Swiss like so it's gonna be a good training for sure... The project's name, "Angama". It is really hard ( 8C ) but it really suits me as it is a traverse trough a roof with the first half of it being easy moves then some a hard section on good crimps with high feet and some cut loose moves which get you pumped for the end which is "Fata Morgana" an 8A basically relying on one move... I love the line because the moves are hard but on pretty ok holds so it really an endurance problem and I like it, it feels a bit like New base line, numerous power moves, resistance with the crux at the end !

Paul Robinson repeated the line and you can see it in the "schengen files"

Here is Paul Robinson in the big cut loose move

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