30 juillet 2012

Magic Wood...Again

It's been a while since last post and as I'm kind of bored today, I decided to make a small post about my trip in magic wood and my goals etc.

I got here like 5days ago and am staying till august 16th.
I am not in my best shape those days because I did not climb much the last months because I was not motivated and especially had better things to do than getting stuck in a shitty climbing gym.

Now I spent the week-end here with a friend so I focused more on having fun than climbing so I have now to rest and loose the weight I've gotten...

Plan is to climb tomorrow, try to complete the remembrance of things past, the 8B+ I tried last august. I tried it a bit and could do all the moves very well but I still miss something maybe motivation but it should be better now since my friend Ignasi arrived here so I guess we'll be climbing a lot together.

I first thought I wanted to invest myself in some 8c but I don't find a line that really motivates me, practice of the wild is wet and la force tranquille is to hard to try alone since I don't have people to work with me so I guess i'm not gonna try any 8c or maybe in search of time lost if I complete the other projects which are ;

-remembrance of things past 8b+
-mistic stylez 8b+/c
-somewhere in between 8b
-high spirit 8a+/b
-nana bianca 8a+

I actually tried mystic stylez a little bit but it doesn't seem like 8c to me so I will see but I want to send a nicer and harder line as a first 8c so I will wait till I find one and especially people to come with me.

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  1. being laid off at work, I was thinking of doing the same. I already have a travel blog about the places in the world I have been. I agree that there are many considerations before being a full-time traveler or travel blogger.