1 juillet 2011

Some pics

Hey Iw went back in magic for a few days with my friend Tim who is also a photograph and I had the chance to shoot with him and his new camera the Canon 5D. I can just say that with such equipment it's hard not to make nice pictures since the quality is just amazing.

Apart from this we also filmed the ElectroBoogie and had a cool climbing sesh in the gym in Chur. Why would we go to a gym while in magic? Well bad weather could explain that but I still don't know why we went there as it kind of fucked all my fingers so I basically climbed 2days in the wood then went to the gym then climbed two more days in the woods...Perfect plan. In spite of not having any rest day, I tried on my last day Daniel Woods's "Remembrance of things past" I couldn't manage to do the end as it seems really hard with a kind of left toe/right toe squeeze. The foot beta used by Daniel  just doesn't fit for me as I'm way to scrunched so I'll have to figure something else but I can't wait to try being fresh...

I will be back in magic this mid july to try more this and maybe check out Chris webb parsons's "believe in two"

here are the pics ! Thanks again Tim :)

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  1. Climbing is fantastic, specially when you have a camera like that one to take all pictures of your adventure... Details are simply perfect and pictures are an evidence of how great this camera is.