10 février 2012

First real trip to Fontainebleau.

Well at first I planned to go to Ticino and despite our syke, facing snow and  cold, walking in 50cm of snow, it was not that we were not syked but after a couple of days we decided to head for warmer areas.

We headed towards Varazze and after some trouble finding the area, we were forced to admit that conditions were not any better than in Chironico... Well we headed back to Chironico for an other couple of days but we finally decided after fighting the cold for two days and an encouraging message saying conditions were great in font, that that place would be the place where we'd spend the rest of our trip.

So here we are in font, the weather is perfect, maybe a bit too cold but better than Switzerland. We spent the first days sleeping outside but it was really not in our advantage, we got really tired and decided to find a warm place to stay at. We got this information about a gite in Arbonne la foret, you can find it Here
The place is just awesome, really friendly, we've been given appetizers, and more... I really recommend it, price are about 40€ a night for 3 persons.

I've been trying a bunch of 8B's in the rempart area, but my skin just got so bad I didn't do nothing for a week... So now on the last four days I climbed one day then was forced to take two rest days because of a small crack in my skin I made while trying "Sideways Daze".

Well I just hope I can find some power and have an "ok" skin for the last two days of my trip to give proper attempts on sideways and Gourmandise. Although I won't probably climb nothing this trip, it is a great experience to climb such conditions, and font is just amazing and I will try to climb here as much as I can in the future.

See you, Olivier

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