7 novembre 2010

Back in Swizzy

I was able to take a one week break from college and thus went  back to Switzerland with haroun who's finalizing his movie "better than chocalate" .
It was pretty long and tiering to get here as we ran out of gas in france but fortunately somebody really nice helped us out and we were able to take back our road. We must've slept for 3hours during the night and arrived a 11am whereas we'd left at 21pm same day ....   

Yesterday was my first day climbing after a 2weeks break because of an injury I had since my trip in magic wood in august. I'd kept climbing until that date but kept feeling bad so decided to quit for a while. I managed to climb some nice stuff including 7b+ and 7c(+) flash + one 8a ( La pelle left ) really well, feeling no pain.
I hope I can climb more in Brione and Chironico as I'm leaving on next monday.
Some people are supposed to gather us in the apartment really soon so I hope we'll have lots of fun and climb hard stuff :)
I just can't wait to climb again and try harder stuff :)

We are currently hiding in the apartment haroun rent because of bad weather which is said to last at least until wednesday.

Here's the link to Haroun's blog
Better than chocolate

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