14 novembre 2010

Some updates from Switzerland

Hey all, just about to leave unfortunately but have to go back to university.The weather was really our friend this time and its not going to get better unfortunately for my friend Haroun who`d like to film some more boulders.
Yesterday was a good day for him tough as he filmed Chris Webb Parsons sending "Bella Luna"  fb8B+. That is a first ascent to an existing problem "Alphane Moon" 8A and adds like a solid 8a+ into it. Alex Puccio also sent that 8a and later on was really unlucky by injuring her finger while trying "Walker on the earth"a problem lying on one move only : one finger shallow pocket which also caused me some pain and forced me to stop trying it although I was about to send it :[

More news and full report coming tomorrow as Ill have plentyof time in the train taking me back home :)

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